How Can Polaris Global Marketing Work For You

In service of prospective entrepreneurship giants since 2009, Polaris Global Marketing, then named Liberty League International, continues to be an instrument for professional expansion. It is a company that involves the sales of personal development products, as well as events.

For those looking for the opportunity to start building a home-based enterprise, they don’t necessarily have to exhaust all their resources to find it. Marketing through networking opens up a lot of avenues from which beginning businessmen can come up with products and services they can feel confident about and develop appropriate prices for, all in the effort to realize the revenue goals that have been set beforehand.

However, the sad fact is that people nowadays are more focused on finding and using all possible routes of increasing revenue that they fail to take notice whether or not they have the means to handle them all. The sadder fact is that networking gains a bad reputation because of this avaricious display.

Polaris Global Marketing is here not only to present efficient, feasible, and authentic revenue growth plans, but also to guide their clients on how to make them work properly–an integrative approach to formulating marketing strategies involving personal development that actually work.

Polaris Global Marketing Overview

With the company’s core competency revolving around personal development, Polaris Global Marketing centers their expertise in quality tools and events that help optimize their capabilities. This seems to be Polaris’ emphasis on their hard sell: every individual has that untapped potential beneath the veil of external factors and influences that form from restricting social and personal ideals. It is a must, therefore, for each entrepreneur to be able to uncover his inner capacities that so far have been impeded.

The company was founded by Shane Krider and Rachel Oliver, both of whom experienced financial success in their early years and went on to become direct sales industry millionaires by the time they hit their middle 30s. Another key person is Gregory Storm, an expert in personal development and media tools. By the looks of it, Polaris seems to have a rather solid leadership core, so at least you can rest assured that they know what they’re talking about.

Polaris Global Marketing Offer

Polaris’ products are a little on the pricey end, but the pay-off is ultimately worth it, considering what you get out of them in the end in terms of personal development. For instance, Polaris’ first product is a 12-month course of personal development instruction called Beyond Freedom Evolution. It is broken down into 3 sections, consisting of four months each.

The next two products are live events. Polaris Global Marketing offers a three-day event in Thailand called Sovereign Live, which people can avail of for about $9,995 at retail price, and $7,995 if you buy it wholesale. They also offer a five-day event called Influence Live in Tahiti at considerably higher prices: $16,245 retail and $12,995 wholesale.

Because Polaris is listed as a Top Tier company, you’re expected to pay about $2,800 to get started. The figure is a little steep, and is a definite downside to availing of their services. Still, if you’re into personal development products, it could be worth it. It also helps considerably if you are genuinely invested in personal and professional growth and if you maintain a solid commitment in your endeavors to come out on top with a booming business.

The payoff usually happens in four ways: through Commissions from Retail, Bonus from Wholesale, Bonus from Roll-up Wholesale, and Leadership bonus. Play your cards right, and you can make up to 7-figure salaries over some time.

Polaris Global Marketing Verdict

While this could work for individuals who are natural team players, Polaris might not be as fulfilling for those who prefer working on their own, especially because a great amount of networking and people relations is needed to pull in great gains. When you take a look at majority of reviews in Polaris, you’ll notice that most of the negative publicity comes from inexperienced network marketers. It may be safe to deduce that marketers who have properly followed Polaris’ networking schemes system have much less to complain about. Still, Polaris Global Marketing’s mantra on the law of abundance and the law of attraction might help motivate those used to being lone wolves in the business arena. On top of this, Polaris Global Marketing is pretty good at propagating its goal to expand the network marketing industry as a whole.

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Looking for a way to earn money while you work in the comfort of your own home without all the intricate processes of promotion and advertising? Are you a rookie in the realm of online businesses who is yet to learn the ropes on how to sell online? Then the Automated Money Machine just might be the perfect thing for you.

The Automated Money Machine is a direct sales business only perfect for those that prefers working and earning money at home. Joining in a home-based business niche such as this could potentially give you impressive huge upfront income in the form of commissions when done right.

Started by home business and internet entrepreneur Rob Abrams in July 2010, this program has been designed to help the newbie easily set up a marketing campaign and establish their selves online in the shortest amount of time possible.

You can then choose from the 5 product levels that you wish to get into. Starting from $500, you can go up to $2000, $3500, $6500, $12000 and $20000. Their respective levels are called Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Elite. Note that you will also be required to pay a small one-time administrative fee.

The products that you will be selling once you have enlisted yourself in this business will depend on the level that you joined in. Generally, Automated Money Machine offers a variety of eBooks and digital software for marketing and personal development. The products that are offered keeps this program from merely being a “cash gifting” program and is exactly how the top programs are set up that makes them completely legal. This program also has a user-friendly back office that is teeming with resources that will serve as your guide in being a success in this venture.

Automated Money Machine Positives

One of the best – and probably the most important – things with this home-based business is that its high ticket program makes it relatively easy to make 5 figure income in a month with only a few orders. And with its product level options, you can pick a good range that will fit and not hurt your current financial circumstances.

The entire system has already been set for you. This “business in a box” has been set up in a way that you will just have to plug in, so you can immediately start producing income in your first week. All of their websites have been proven and tested to really convert. With such reliable traffic sources that are available in the back office, it will only be a matter of time before you will get an abundance of income.

Automated Money Machine Negatives

One of the disadvantages about the Automated Money Machine is that it encourages lazy people to become lazier. This program’s ability to generate 5 figures in a single month is also the reason for some of its associates to become financially irresponsible. They may be moved to make unwise purchases and investments.

The higher ticket program is not something that everyone can just get into so make sure that you properly assess yourself and your current finances so that you can point out the level that will be best for you. Also, keep in mind that it is a world wide business and so you will have to deal with people ringing you up at various times a day.

Making Money with the Automated Money Machine

For as long as you are getting enough traffic on your website, this type of sales approach in the top tier industry should give you the kind of success that you exactly want. In order to draw high traffic to your site, you can choose to pay someone else to do it for you or learn how to do it on your own. Automated Money Machine is not for everyone.

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Are you looking for a way to earn money without leaving the confines of your house? Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or just someone who enjoys working at home, with Family IQ you have potential to earn an executive income.

Family IQ makes managing a business at home not only possible, but also and more importantly, easy and values-oriented. In this kind of venture, you earn money by helping families cope and solve their family relationship problems. Although technically in existence for a significant amount of time, it was only just recently that the business owners have decided to offer others the option to promote it and earn money from home. In return, these people will be given a generous commission with every sale that they make.

The best thing about this program is that it delves into issues of the family—something you and I could easily relate to. Looking at the current content of the internet today, it is sad to note that there is very little emphasis that is being given on keeping families intact, considering that they are the core group that we are part of.

If you are someone who values the importance of being in a well-rounded and well-bonded family, then this would be your chance to promote the same values and earn money as a bonus. By paying the membership price of $1,495, you will gain access to more than 70 interactive courses that covera good variety of important and relevant topics—from anger management to coping with substance abuse to conflict resolution. You will also become your own technical enterprise owner where you will receive a license along with the complete packagefor you to jump start your business.

Family IQ Offer Opportunity

Unlike other home-based businesses, Family IQ provides the Independent Business Owner with all the help that they will need in both marketing and working with a mentor. If you do choose to become a distributor with Family IQ, you will find that the marketing system used by this business has actually been tailored to guarantee your success. Talk about surefire. Also, you will be provided with the necessary instruction as you go on selling the system.

This business also gives you four different ways to gain income. The first is that you will gain 50 percent on the retail purchases of non-members every month. Second, you will be paid with residual income from nine whole levels up in your organization. Third, you will be offered a hefty $1,000 as a quick start bonus for every Family Package Builder. Finally, you will receive payment on a fast start bonus up to 9 levels down your organization.

Family IQ Cost

If there is one concern that is hounding your mind as you go on learning about MY Family IQ, it would have to be the hefty initial fee. Paying $1495 in order to become an Independent Business Owner is not exactly an amount that everyone has the luxury to have and invest.

Another problem with this home-based venture is that—looking through their website on MyFamily—you will see that are there is really no clear guideline explain the system and its processes. Yes, the website does contain certain pages with sales information and videos, but they only provide a somewhat general overview of their Learn-Earn-Share system. Understandably, you may have some hesitations in shelling out $1495 for a business that does not score very well in transparency.

However, FamilyIQ does now offer an Express Package worth only $395 and a Preferred Customer Package of only $179. These packages include only the license fee, the My FamilyIQ Test access to the MyFamilyIQ Learning Plan, an E-Business Kit, a Personal Marketing Website, and a Back Office for the former and the license fee and Wholesale Pricing eligibility on FamilyIQ products.

Family IQ Verdict

Family IQ sports a premise that is unique and truly interesting. It is far from the typical home business that we are hounded with, making it easier to entice people to join the bandwagon. The best part about this is that it is all about teaching values that will repair or strengthen the bonds that hold a family together.

However, the $1495 start-up cost is rather hefty and may be too much for some people. Even more, you might also be disappointed with the lack of information on how this business and the opportunity that it brings actually works. This could easily be a drawback for both the rookie and veteran marketer looking out for genuine business opportunities from the comforts of their own home.

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The Real Deal on Wealth Masters International

Wealth Masters. Even the name resonates financial success. While the average stranger on the sidewalk might never have heard of Wealth Masters International before, there’s sufficient reason to get in the know. While many individuals steer clear of possible scams and networking schemes, this is one company that’s ready to get down to business. For real.

Wealth Masters International is…

Granted, you’re too busy trying to keep your finances afloat and have not had the time to think about other, more obscure options. Wealth Masters International offers a business opportunity that is built on a marketing scheme involving networking. You don’t need to be filthy rich to get onboard; in fact, the whole scheme is aimed to reach ordinary people—a definite bonus for the burned out employee who is tired of his desk job.

Using an integrated remuneration plan that gets you income from three different streams: direct sales income, residual income that is five levels deep, and quarterly global bonus), Wealth Masters International just might be the answer to your problems.

If you don’t like waiting very long, you’re in luck. One good thing about Wealth Masters International is that its program contains variousstrategies that anyone can easily carry out on his or her own. For individuals who have no formal training in business, or are clueless to economic growth concepts or financial movement, this is a pretty sweet deal because it helps you learn fast—and fruitfully.

Still, if you like a challenge, you will find other services available throughout the Wealth Masters Alliances. A good number of them even give significant discounts to members of Wealth Masters Community. Even with a thorough screening process for each alliance partner before proper recommendation to the member community, there is no single dime that reaches the pockets of the company from the alliance in the interest of maintaining order and avoiding conflicts.

Wealth Masters International improves life…

The implementations that have been put in place for Wealth Masters International, also referred to as WMI, spell significant improvements in their global image. Simply put, WMI has transcended itself as a legitimate business opportunity you can enjoy at home. If you’re feeling more than a little burned out at your 9 to 5 job, WMI will offer you the way out via novel product features, a generously stellar remuneration plan designed to keep fairness and equality all throughout the member community, as well as the consequent marketing system they’ve established online.

As if that weren’t enough, it is now possible to tap into their updated versions of the revamped Wealth Accelerator online financial planning software, which comes with every copy of their informational products.Posing a little of a drawback, though, is that WMI is now requiring a monthly fee for subscription of its members of the program. Still, the introduction of a new entry-level product called mPOWER greatly offsets the costs of initiating your business.

Wealth Masters International Possible roadblocks

Your first payment to WMI is a reasonable $99 for the basic concepts. While WMI can offer you the chance to considerably boost your finances through various means, the following “optional” rates ranging from $2,000 and above can be pretty steep. However, investing in a well-laid out business can be worth the payoff later, and Wealth Masters International doesn’t seem to have any problem delivering on its plans.